About Dream House for Medically Fragile Children, Inc.Dream House is a 501(c)3 children’s charity teaching families and communities how to help kids with very complex health issues live at home. Heroic medical efforts save sick and injured children, leaving some medically fragile – fully dependent upon medications, equipment and therapies. A critical fi rst step for these children (biological, adopted or foster), and their families, is access to the innovative Dream House Family for Keeps™ Transition Care Program. With local roots, this hospital-to-home program is setting the standard for the home care of Georgia’s medically fragile children. Via Family for Keeps,™ Dream House has served over 950 medically fragile children in 42 Georgia counties, and trained nearly 1,000 family members, caregivers and social workers since 2001. Named a Best in America Local Independent Charity, by the Independent Charities of America, Dream House supporters invest in a mission that uses more than 85 cents of every dollar donated to directly benefi t medically fragile children and their families. Family for Keeps™ provides a pathway for Georgia’s medically fragile children to get out of institutional care into stable, single-family homes. For one-third the cost of housing these kids in hospitals or adult nursing homes, Family for Keeps™ is the resource that enables medically fragile children to have a home, a family and a future