Dream House Creates More Opportunities for Medically Fragile Children

Dream House was created with the medically fragile children in mind, an idea which came to life to offer hope and equal opportunities for all children, medically fragile or not. We started our organization with the vision to provide a range of unique teaching environments and possibilities for the families of these fragile children, in order to support them the best way possible. We strongly believe that children need to grow up in a nurturing home with their families and within a supporting community. 

Through collaboration with communities and families we hope to provide the best possible life for these children. Basic needs are of course always the highest priority but we also believe strongly in bringing the best possible educational programs for families and caregivers to give them confidence and knowledge when it comes to caring for their children. We work consistently to bring awareness and understanding about the needs the families with medically fragile children have into the community and people close to the child.

Our mission is to provide unique teaching environments for all families with medically fragile children and the caregivers that work with them. These children often have complex care needs and families and caregivers often need guidance to be able to care for and nurture these children in the best possible way. Our education programs make it possible for families and caregivers to care for each child in their own home. By also assisting in the development of functional and accessible homes we can also provide the best possible care for each child. Also, by creating more opportunities for corporate and community partnership we are confident that we can improve the quality of life for all medically fragile children and their families. 

As mentioned, Dream House is always working towards being able to assist with the development of accessible homes for these children, of course specially-equiped in order to meet each child’s needs. The reason this is important to us stems from a strong belief that children thrive at home with their families. Therefore, it is important that these medically fragile children have their families under the same roof. Despite each child’s challenges every child is in need of love and a stable home environment where they can thrive.
In order to provide each family and their caregivers with these unique teaching environments we are inviting volunteer groups, business owners and a number of different types of organizations to collaborate with us to be able to give more families opportunities to care for their medically fragile children in their own homes. If this is something that touches your heart or is a cause your company or organization want to support you are always welcome to contact Dream House.

At Dream House we want all medically fragile children to be able to enjoy a loving family, a stable home and an understanding community. Since we believe strongly in the importance of a caring, loving and functional home environment we want to make sure the homes are specially-equiped and accessible to all. It is important that the families and caregivers feel confident in the providing of their love and services for the fragile children, however complex their situation might be.

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