Dream House Program Initiative

Every child deserves to have a childhood. However, the sad reality is, children with medical disadvantages require special care and attention that most often can only be found in a hospital or nursing home. Being a parent(s) with a child that has a medical issue requires extra time, knowledge, resources and training. In most cases, special equipment and assistance are needed. Families that are caring for a sick child face obstacles and daily challenges that necessitate the need for assistance. The Mission of Dream House is to increase the number of families and communities that can care for fragile children in their own home by utilizing many resources to improve the quality of life for both the child and their family.

There is a critical need for proper education and training for these medically fragile children and their families. To better equip the community educational programs are provided, with teaching resources for the families and providers of medically fragile children. Parents and caregivers must have the proper knowledge of care needed in their own particular circumstances, in order to best provide daily care at home. Dream House utilizes several resources in order to adequately prepare families and the community for their unique situation. Training resources are provided in the home to assist in teaching hands-on methods for caring for their own child,

Children with these unique circumstances will require unique living situations with the proper accommodations in the home. Their homes must be accessible and fully functioning for their unique medical situation. Part of the Dream House initiative is to create more homes that cater to their needs. Handicap accessibilities are a must for these families and the providers that care for the children. Having a home that is equipped to meet the needs of children with medical setbacks can be a dream come true for the children and their parents/providers by making their life easier and as normal as possible. The Dream House Family for Keeps Transition Care Program gives these children a real home.

In order to receive more support and resources for these families, the community must be made more aware of the need for help. Part of the Dream House initiative is to increase community awareness of the needs and daily lives of these children, thus creating more opportunities for corporate and community sponsors that are focused on improving the daily lives of these families. Unfortunately, after 13 years Dream House is closing its doors. However, there is still a great need for these families to obtain proper help and resources.

Fragile Kids Foundation proves the proper equipment for these families such as wheelchairs and ramps. Hope House is a respite program to provide the proper support system to give providers time to rest. Childkind offers a variety of support programs to assist with these unique families as well. Please consider reaching out to offer donations or support to any of these other non-profit partners so that these children and their providers can continue receiving the support they need.

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