Dream House Story

His name was Joey(*). Although medically fragile, his condition was deemed stable, making him eligible for discharge. Joey had no where to go, so he remained an inpatient. His hospital room was home. Television and the nursing staff were his family. Joey died before he had a chance to find his forever family and a real home.

Pediatric nurse Laura Moore and Joey were friends for the four years he lived in the hospital. Laura had cared for hundreds of children like Joey. He was the catalyst that defined Laura’s dream. She decided that children like Joey deserve a home, a family and a future.

As Founder and CEO of Dream House for Medically Fragile Children, Inc., Laura created a program unique in the United States. Read more…

The proven Dream House Family for Keeps™ Transition Care Program provides education and services enabling families to care for these children at home. This gives children with complex health care needs a chance to be part of a loving home where they are valued and cared for effectively.

Dream House empowers communities to keep these families together. Since inception in 2001, Dream House has helped more than 950 medically fragile children in 42 Georgia counties. Thanks to our generous supporters, that number continues to grow.