The numbers of medically fragile children are growing exponentially due to life-saving medical advances made in the last decade that now allow these precious children to survive. Before Dream House, families and communities in Georgia did not have access to a formal, community-based education or training program that prepares them to support the care of these children at home.

Our generous donors and friends have helped make the Dream House Family for Keeps™ Transition Care Program a statewide resource. Since 2001, Dream House has served over 950 medically fragile children in 42 Georgia counties.

Together, we help medically fragile children find their forever homes and family for keeps!!!

The only Hospital-to-Home
Transition Care Program in Georgia.

Our one-of-a-kind Transition Care Program provides temporary, family-centered home care for medically fragile children while their own family members and homes are prepared to care for them.
Our Education and Skills Training Curriculums (Basic, Advanced and Professional Courses). These interactive learning experiences teach families, caregivers, social workers and other non-medical professionals how to provide safe and effective care for medically fragile children at home. 2009 Class Schedule
Our Bridging the Gap Program helps families (biological, adoptive or foster) acquire therapies, equipment, health care supplies and home modifications to provide safe and accessible homes to meet their children’s specialized needs.
We recruit, prepare and train respite care providers and foster families for the placement of medically fragile children via our Foster Care Program.
The Dream House Advocacy Program strives to heighten public awareness for the plight of medically fragile children by linking private and public sector initiatives to meet the specialized needs of this rapidly growning, extremely vulnerable pediatric population.

Dream House is the pioneer championing the cause for medically fragile children. We are blazing the trail with absolutely no precedent to follow. By providing appropriate training and resources to their families, caregivers and those individuals making recommendations on their behalf, medically fragile children can successfully transition from institutions to home environments.

Successful continuation and expansion of the Dream House Family for Keeps™ Transition Care Program will further increase opportunities for medically fragile children to live in stable, permanent home environments with dignity and the quality of life they deserve. Learn how you can help.

Read the results of a successful collaboration between the Dream House Transition Care Program and local foster placement agency Community Connections, Inc. In great partnership, our respective staffs and this child’s foster parents worked very hard to make sure the transition was smooth and the placement best for her.