Who We Serve

Dream House serves medically fragile children, as well as families and communities caring for them.

Dream House provides unique Transition Care Programs and related services services, regardless of race, color, creed or religion, for:

Children with complicated health care needs ranging in age from 2 weeks to 19 years,
Their families and care givers,
Others in the community interested or involved in the life care needs of these children.

Dream House is making a difference in Georgia!

Since November 2001, when pediatric nurse Laura Moore founded it, Dream House has served over 950 medically fragile children being cared for by their families in 42 Georgia counties – and that number continues to grow, with your help!

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Be part of the solution! Ask how.

The numbers of medically fragile children are growing exponentially due to life-saving medical advances made in the last decade that now allow these precious children to survive.

Yet, the very society who decides to save their lives doesn’t realize the infrastructure to support their extraordinary health care needs doesn’t exist.

Left to fend for themselves, many families give up their children because they feel there is no other choice.

Others endure abuse or inadequate care.

These children need a voice. They need Dream House.

Reaching epidemic proportions, most of us have no idea this tragedy is taking place in our communities, throughout our state, and around the country.